Judith DeRaad Featured Artist at Local Flavor

Judith DeRaad showed an interest in art at an early age.  She learned about contour, shading, angular perspective, and other elements of drawing as a child.  After college, Judith began her career as an ergonomic space planner where she produced architectural space plans with the assistance of CAD.  Now retired, and living in Boyne City seasonally, she has returned to the creative aspect of two dimensional art and works with pastel, fluid acrylic and alcohol ink.“After years at the drawing-board, with an emphasis on line quality, angles, and exactness, working with alcohol inks is a truly freeing experience”, Judith says.Alcohol ink is a highly pigmented, acid-free ink.  It is permanent and  dries fairly quickly.  Alcohol inks adhere easily to a variety of materials, many of which are often difficult to apply colorants to. While Yupo paper provides better results, this ink can also be applied to acrylic, plastic, metal, foil, glass, and many non-porous surfaces.Judith will be demonstrating alcohol ink on June 9th from 9:00 – 11:30 am at the Local Flavor Bookstore in Boyne City.  Be sure to stop by and see her other art work on display as well.

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